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Cross Reference Guide sramotorola to Philips Advance

NOTE Philips Lighting Compan does not arrant or guarantee the correctness or accurac of this cross-reference Cross Reference Guide sramotorola to Philips Advance

www.americanballast.com American Advance Universal Osram ...

American Advance Universal Osram Howard Application AB1-40-RS-120 REL1S40-SC B140R120HP QTP1x40T12/120RSN-B NA 1 Lamp 40/34W T12 AB2-40-RS-120 REL2S40-SC B240R120HP QTP2x40T12/120RSN-B E2/40/RS-120 2 Lamp 40/34W T12

FEATURES Catalog No. Date - hubbellcdn

PHOTOMETRIC DATA Luminaire SER24-232G-CP-EU SER Serrano, Recessed Architectural 2 x 4 2-lamp with Contour center lens, linear prismed side lenses, and performance

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